Thursday, October 8, 2009

Columbus Day Weekend Sale

Create your own sale at Top To Bottom Childrens Store this holiday weekend. Save 10% of your entire order subtotal when you enter coupon code blog10 during checkout. Expires 10/13/09

Start your holiday shopping now with our Top Toy List.
1. Zhu Zhu Pets
2. Flick Trix BMX Finger Bikes
3. Tech Deck Finger Skateboards. Enjoy all your favorite brands.
4. High School Musical Dolls
5. Bakugan
6. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
7. Ben 10
8. Bratz Dolls
9. Wonder Pets
10. Arts & Crafts

We have all these items in stock and listing them daily. Looking for something special? Contact Us with your request.

1 comment:

  1. Now, how helpful is that? A sale AND a top ten toys list both! Great for those of us who want to save a little, but just don't havae much of a cluse about today's toys. Love it1