Sunday, October 4, 2009

High School Musical 3 Dolls

Last year High School Musical 3 hit the movie theaters with a blaze of popularity. This year High School Musical 3 Memorabilia is still as popualar as last year and HSM3 dolls are increasingly becoming very hard to find.

Prom Date dolls High School Musical 3: Senior Year Prom Date™ Gift Sets. Take your favorite pair to the prom! Choose from Gabriella & Troy, Sharpay & Zeke, Taylor & Chad, and Kelsi & Ryan, each couple is dressed in their stunning prom fashions from the movie! Window box. Sets sold separately. Ages 6 and over.These gorgeous dolls are already sold out in stores and on-line.The romantic pairs from Disney's High School Musical 3 are revealed in their stunning prom fashions. Collect them all! (each one is the size of a Barbie Doll)

Graduation Day Dolls Includes Fabulous dressed High School Musical 3 doll, Red Cap and Gown and a class ring for your child to wear. High School Musical 3 is one of the hottest movies of the season and their toys are becoming increasingly harder to find. Collect them all! Chad, Kelsi, Gabriella, Troy, Sharpey

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