Sunday, November 22, 2009

Best Friends Club Addison 18" Doll with Second Outfit

Meet Addison:

Addison is the club's event organizer because she's great at finding fun things to do. Very athletic, Addison is good at almost any sport she tries and her favorite sport is skateboarding. Addison isn't into dressing up, cuz that's just not her. Addison's biggest challenge is balancing her school work and sports.

When she's not hanging out with the rest of the BFC, Addison hangs out with her brothers, Jake and Josh. She has a crush on one of her older brother's friends but when Kaitlin reveals she has the same crush, Addison gets worried. What if he likes Kaitlin more than her? Addison realizes friends are more important than boys and she can't let a boy get in the way of friendship.

  • Best Friends Club Ink. doll with two Fashion Outfits
  • Cool Accessories!
  • BFC INK. Book with Lock and Key
  • BFC INK. Membership Card
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