Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey (2003, Hardcover)

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey (2003, Hardcover)

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Hi -- The original version that I wrote of this guide was on August 12, 2007. It's now October 29, 2007 and in the last two months of practicing the information outlined in this book so much has happened to us besides paying off large amounts of debt, cutting up credit cards, and really started to learn how to live within our means. The first step we did was to make a list of all of our debt with the smallest one on top of the list and ended with the largest amount on the bottom. Rather than debt consolidation, we started paying off the smallest one first while paying the minimum on the others. I must say that this list made me fill with dispare over the fact that it was smack in my face what huge amount of debt we accumulated and the fact that we really couldn't pay the minimum on each bill. I'm not totally sure how we managed to make this happen but we did. One month we had 5 pay checks instead of 4 weeks. We had tax rebates come back in. We made a grocery list and stuck to it. Actually I do think this was the biggest help and the hardest accomplishment. Because the only way we could make this happen was to make a menu for the week and then a list of what we needed. O.K. so I know that this is the obvious solution but lets face it, when you get to the grocery store there is always something that you forgot to put on the list or it looks good. Here is the hard part --- Only bring cash. No checkbook, No credit card, No ATM or Debt card. Just cold hard cash. Thats your budget and no going over or you have to put it back. It certainly makes you evaluate necessity of what in your cart. We never when hungry for one meal ever using this method but talk about trimming the fat out of a diet. It took me about 3 to 4 weeks to not squirm at going to the grocery store using this method. I truely believe that this was a major part in coming up with the cash we needed to pay our bills. We are now on the 4 year plan to pay off all debt, not including the mortgage. Dave recommends 2 years or less and to sell off things if you have too. Right now we are living in our means and snowballing the amount to pay off. 2 years here we come! FREEDOM! I hope this helpful.

August 12th version:
I love this book. Dave Ramsey is helping us get out of debt because we are following this book step by step. We have already paid off $1000 of dollars of debt by following his easy to understand steps. We already have financial freedom by having a good solid plan and made changes in our life style to make this work. This is not a get rich quick book or gimmick. I found a review under someone's eBay guides and reviews they had wrote about and then decided to buy the book. This book has been one of my best investments ever because we were ready for a change.Do you have debt? Are you willing to change the way you live in order to make that happen? Do you want prosperity and happiness for you and your family? If you are willing to make these changes, you will reach your goals to financial freedom and Dave Ramsey will map it out for you step by step! If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, this book is for you. Dave Ramsey has helped us pay off $1,000's of dollars of debt and live a happier well managed life. As Dave puts it in his book "You will learn to live like no one else and you will live like no one else." Are you ready to have money in your pocket and be debt free? Then this book is for you.

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