Friday, April 22, 2011

Bakugan Deka Starter Bakuclip Booster Arena Huge Lot

Bakugan Deka Starter Bakuclip Booster Arena Huge Lot

This is the ULTAMATE Starter Collection or to add to your current collection.

You can not find any of these in stores.  You will get every thing that you see here.

  • Official Bakugan Battle Arena
  • Bakugan Card Power House - Pyrus - includes 30 Assorted Bakugan Cards
  • Bakugan Deka Juggernoid Series 1 (3 1/2 inch sphere)
  • 3 Sets Card Boosters that include 3 special ability cards & 2 metal gate cards each
  • Bakugan Bakuclip Series 1 Aquos - Griffon
  • Bakugan Starter Pack - Series 2: Includes 3 Assorted Bakugan 3 ability cards

Bakugan battle brawlers are here! Answer the call to brawl and decide the fate of the galaxy! Magnetic marbles POP open into power Bakugan warrior action figures when they roll onto the real metal Gate Cards! Use strategy to place your metal Gate Cards as each card affects the battle differently. Master your shooting skills to roll your Bakugan into battle. Colors and styles may vary. Styles are selected at random when shipped.

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