Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why Buy Gymboree? A Buying and Selling Guide

by Top To Bottom Children's Store

What is Gymboree? Why is it so popular? Why is it so expensive? And I've filled my store with it. My children's closets are filled with it. This guide will help demystify this popular clothing line and how to help you choose pieces that will fit in with your childs wardrobe.

First lets talk about quality. Have you ever gone down to your local discount store and bought a package of infant or toddler socks just to be discourage when you washed and dried them because they shrunk small enough to fit a  Barbie Doll? Or the hem line on the top shrinks up and there belly's popping out from underneath the top and you know you just bought that top last week.  Did it shrink or did my child grow overnight? Maybe both. Or the brand new item you just bought and already has the stitching come out of it. If none of these things or something simular has happened to you, considered yourself very fortunate. All of these thing have happened to my children's clothing... plus so much more. When I first discovered Gymboree for my children, I started off with a couple of pieces for my daughter and socks for my son. I was amazed at how much these items held true to their stated size .... even after you washed and dried them.  -- Particularly the socks. My 2 year old sons feet are on the wide side. So I usually try and cram my hand into the sock to stretch it out as much as possible so his toes didn't get too squished. I have never had to stretch out a Gymboree sock to fit in onto my son's foot. The quality is so FANTASTIC that Used Gymboree clothing sales for almost, if not the same, as the cost of new with tag items. This means that you can buy new, use, then turn around and resell them on eBay and practically cloth your kids for FREE.

Second lets talk about the Gymboree Lines. Every couple of weeks Gymboree comes out with a new line and each line has its own name such as Park City Luxe, Snow Blossom, Peruvian Doll, Wish You Were Here, Sunflower Fields, Strawberry Farm, Savanna Sunset, & Candy Apple just to name a few. Gymboree uses the same colors through out the line so that each piece can be matched with the other pieces in the same collection and sometimes they can be mixed and matched with other collections made in the same season. Lets say you were browsing through my store Top To Bottom Children's Store and you found a pair of yellow pants that you absolutely love but you are not sure how to find a matching top. You notice in the description that it says Strawberry Farm. You would find a matching item by typing in Strawberry Farm into the search box in my store. Now Strawberry Farm's yellow and Sunflower Fields yellow are not the same. The first one is a soft pale banana yellow while the other one is nice, bright and sunny. These two are from different lines and they do not match up very easily. This makes shopping for Grandma's, mom's, aunt's and friends much easier when they know what they are purchasing for your children and can help you add clothing pieces and accessories to your collection. Remember this brand holds a resale value very well and makes a wonderful gift to give and get.

Finally, Lets talk about what kind of items Gymboree you can find for sell besides the obvious like outfits. During the appropriate session, you may find items such as costumes, swim suits, wraps, and gorgeous holiday dresses and accessories to match. You can also find many of the basic that are great for mix and matching: gymmies (pajama's), solid tops, tights, leggings, socks, hair pretties, sometimes stuff animals that match the lines theme and collectable items such as blankets. Gymboree blankets are highly sought after as collectables. They are so warm and cozy for your little one. They also make great gift items.

This is it in a nutshell. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the information in this guide.

Thank you and have a great day.

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