Saturday, May 29, 2010

Capri's or Crops! What is the Difference!

I'm always being asked what is the difference between Capri's and Crops and I find it very important to buyers that the seller use the right word description in their auctions.

Capri's or is it Crops what are they? What season do you wear these short pants in but longer than shorts?  I'm here to take some of the mystery out of these popular pant styles that will help give you some purchasing power! Meaning know what you are buying.

First of all, Capri pants is defined as ending mid-calf and are considered a casual, summer dress choice most often worn with a sandal between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Summer Capri fabric can be found made of linen. There are days during September that it may get unseasonably warm and during this month you might want to choose a pair made of denim or khaki and in September are most often worn with a mule or a sneaker.

On the other hand, Cropped pants is defined as ending just above the ankle. These are fine on most days through September when worn with mules or loafers and no socks. We've seen dressy styles pulled off well with sling-back pumps and hose but it does take a trained eye to carry this look off. In October, heavier-weight (i.e. leather, suede or corduroy) cropped pants can be worn with a mid-calf or a knee-high boot. These boot styles connect the pant bottom to your foot without creating a distracting break in the line.

It's never "in fashion" to wear capri pants with any type of hose. Nine out of ten times, socks look out of sync with any type of cropped pants as well.


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